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Psychic Readings NYC ,Manhattan


Many people ask what a psychic readings in nyc entails,  so Jesse Bravo explains the dynamics as to leave no questions unanswered.  Psychic Readings NYC ,Manhattan are held in a quiet comfortable safe place in Manhattan or over the phone and as a psychic medium I require a calm quiet environment in order to receive impressions, information or feelings. The images, feelings and sounds allows me to get in touch with your energy, and when that is done, information is revealed to me by your loved ones, guides, angels or friends from the other side (Spiritual realm). In the realm of spirit, many things are revealed in order to help you through your tough times, these hard times include problems with money, romance, career and many other life issues. So Jesse gives his clients as much information as possible, so that they may make the best possible decision in their life. Jesse helps those in need and has become a relied source through out the world to the point many known and famous psychics contact Jesse for his guidance in their lives. these famous psychic call him the psychics Psychic because of his ability to help people through all phases of their lives.  Many people throughout history with tremendous psychic gifts have helped humankind and Jesse is doing the same. Come get a psychic readings nyc from one of the best psychics in world and find out why Jesse is so sought after! Here are some psychic abilities Jesse uses during his readings in nyc


Comes from a French word clair meaning clear and voyance meaning vision. Jesse uses this ability to see quick images  ( symbolic and  real ) that come together as  a quick movie that enfolds either in his sight or  minds eye. This information can be be about the past, present and the future.


This word comes from the Ancient Greek tele which means distant and  pathos or patheia meaning feeling and or experience. This happens often when you feel something weird and turn around and your startled to see someone staring at you. Information is passed from clients to jesse in a unspoken matter.


This word derives itself from Latin præ (PRE) which means before and cognitio in acquiring knowledge. Jesse can see events that not have happened yet and advise you on how to handle or prepare for them.



Best Psychic Readings in NYC

I am a psychic medium and many people contact me for a reading for many reasons. Some may just want to experience a reading, and do not have preferences as to whether it be psychic or mediumistic. Others have specific life issues, and are looking for helpful guidance “psychically”. Others will contact me for my natural ability to connect with someone who has passed, which is a mediumistic reading. Here is how I can explain to you the difference between the two types of readings:

If you are looking for guidance about your life, such as career, relationships, spiritual growth, etc., then you are requesting a psychic reading. I will connect with you “energetically”, by working with your aura, which contains information about you, your past, your present and your future. It is my spirit in my body connecting with your spirit in your body. You may receive guidance “psychically” that will help you to make some decisions in your life. My intention is to bring awareness where needed, and provide you with the best and highest guidance to help you move forward from current obstacles in your life. You will always have free will to make choices based upon what guidance you are receiving. Nothing is ever “set in stone”.

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Three East Steps to Follow:

1) When you contact me for a reading, I may ask you if you are looking to connect with someone who has passed. Because I work as a psychic and a medium, I want to be able to know how I can best serve you. In order to preserve the integrity of your reading, please just answer yes or no, and do not volunteer any other information regarding loved ones passed. It’s better that they provide you with that validation during the reading. Abilities like these make best psychics in nyc hard to find

2) If you are wishing to connect with someone who is passed, sometimes it is helpful to think about the person or people in the spirit world before a reading. Thought is energy. Love is energy. The spirit world can sense your energy, and this can help to raise the vibration in making stronger connections possible.

3) If you are looking to connect with one specific individual in the spirit world, I cannot guarantee that they will come through in a reading. As a medium, I cannot “call people” to come and talk. To understand this better, think of the process of mediumship like two telephones. The telephone in the spirit world has a dial, and the telephone here in the physical world is only a receiver, without any dial. I can only receive the communication that the spirit world is willing to send at that given time. No medium can make that guarantee, and be aware of those that say otherwise. Psychic reading nyc offer the best the U.S. has to offer.

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Psychic In NYC
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Best Psychic Readings NYC, Manhattan
Best Psychic Readings NYC, Manhattan
Best Psychic Readings NYC, Manhattan provides the best psychics readings in Manhattan . Schedule your psychic reading today 917-733-3107
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  1. Thus, you need to pay constant attention to any random
    feelings and thoughts that suddenly race across your mind.
    The tracks were appreciated by various forums and magazines equally.
    Those that gain understanding of this and accept it as real fact will have a smoother transition into the afterlife, knowing
    that eternity awaits, and freedom from an often useless physical shell shall be theirs.

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