When did we lose our spiritual perspective?


When Did We lose Our Spiritual Perspective?

When did we lose our spiritual perspective? Many moons ago when I entered the spiritual community it seemed people I initially met taught each other that life has its up and downs and we take as it goes. What really attracted me was sense of quiet and peace was that everyone was upbeat and had smiles on tier faces and had a good laugh. With everything so new and spirituality making waves on Cable life, we were on the way up.

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As time went on my abilities as a psychic medium became more pronounced and I was helping out so many people and for me this is what makes life worth living but spirituality on cable was making a different statement. As show after show kept popping up on cable there started to emerge a very ugly trend of Spirituality only dealing with low level ugly problems. When you watched it was always the same template person has big problems the shows opened their wound to bleep in from of the world and then the spiritualist on show would then solve and close wound to a happier ending. Now with the popularity of shows rising by the day what I have seen a dramatic switch with the community.

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This new trend of Spiritualism have become a very glum lot,as they have been shaped by 10 years of Cable Spiritualism run by non spiritualist. It seems they now believe that everyone that comes to them need major spiritual help and worse they now believe that they are special. This type of thinking leaves everyone in a lower vibration and more makes people so tight that there is no more room for joy or playfulness. This new Spiritualism is dangerous because we must always remain hopeful, happy and patient so that we may help others.

A lesson I have learned is to never take yourself so seriously because when that happens the world becomes small and unwanting as it can’t live up your expectations. I recently had some at a free event with a segment in a prank show. Mind you it was for free and I provides food and drinks and some my contemporary’s were upset and even questioning my respect for my gift.

My answer to The New Tight Spiritualism.

Let go and finally start living like everyone else because we are everyone else. Drop the monk on a 8 million step journey of enlightenment and be with the world of joy, happiness, hope and honesty as opposed to standards set by television Spiritualism.


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