Psychic Way To Win The Powerball Lottery





powerball lottery psychic way to win

Psychic Way To Win The Powerball Lottery

The pendulum can be thought of as an extension of your psychic ability and since it is used to gain access to information that exists at the subconscious level of the universe. When you ask a question of the pendulum, it is your own psychic ability that answers it. The pendulum merely allows you to physically see what you already knows. Using the pendulum will answer questions that are phrased so that the answer is either “yes” or “no”and can be used with an array of cards to pick numbers. So lets first learn how to use the pendulum and then how to use your this Psychic way to win the powerball  Lottery.

How To Use A Pendulum

There are various theories about how and why the pendulum works, and why its better for some than others. There is no magic involved (for those who fear the unknown). The yes/no technique is most common in pendulum dowsing and what is going to be taught here.  Draw a semi-circle of about three inches radius and divide it into two segments by drawing a vertical line and a  horizontal line through the center. Inside the left segment write the  word “no” and the minus sign (-), and inside the right segment write the word “yes” and  the plus sign (+). It should look like this


Before using a particular pendulum for the first time, hold it in a straight not moving position, and ask, either aloud or mentally, “Pendulum, please show me YES”. Give the pendulum time to respond and observe the direction of the swing as it responds. If the swing is modest at first, don’t be concerned, because it takes a while for a particular pendulum to begin to vibrate with you. After you have determined the YES response, ask the pendulum to show you the NO response in the same manner. Check the YES/NO response in this way, the first few times you do a session with the pendulum. Ok not as hard as thought right right, well now to the psychic way to win the powerball  Lottery.

Picking Out Your Numbers For Powerball Lottery

Using either your computer or even hand draw this chart.

lotto and powerball psychic way to win

Now start with pendulum in middle dot and ask your self for the right numbers to win the powerball or any lotto. Once you get into a section right down the section on separate piece of paper like example the pendulum goes it the 25-30 range. Once you get all the ranges for the amount of the numbers for the powerball or lotto then you finish with last chart. So here an example of a five lotto ticket range written down.

1st range was 20-25, 2nd range was 45-50, 3rd range was 60-65, 4th range was 0-5, 5th range was 70-75.   These are my five ranges and now our Last chart

simple psychic way to win powerball lottery

Here we are going to reduce numbers down from range. My example of fist range was 20-25 now go over to simple chart above and put pendulum not moving in middle and let it tell you which number within range. Example 1st range was 20-25, my pendulum swung and stayed at the 3 position on chart, so now I know my first number is 23. you then this do this with all your other ranges and get your final numbers.

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  1. No matter how hard anyone trying to get lotto numbers by this pendulum way, the chance to strike any power ball $1,5 Billions lotto game will remain 1:292.2millions chance, so most likely all will fail like the rests who simply guess or choose any numbers in combination.

    No psychi will be able to strike any lotto mega or power ball games till today. Only those who are very lucky with God of fortune given chance can really win at anytime anywhere for this power ball game in reality.

    So never try to believe any psychi to try one’s luck, as all will fail like anyone in equal chance of 1 in 292.2 millions chance indeed.

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