Magnificent You


Magnificent You

Magnificen You

Magnificent You, Every second of the day, we are tested by life on life’s terms and we have to make a conscious decision every time between doing what most people do which is to get angry and hate the world or we can be something much more powerful and beautiful. We can be our inner true magnificent selves, which shines through our skin and touches everything around us with love and compassion. When you are your magnificent self everyone is in awe of you and your beauty.

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  1. Hi Jesse
    Is there a heaven?
    Is there a after life?
    Will I see all my loved one’s again when they I gone. I have this burning desire to have my own experience with spirit so I don’t question my beliefs. How could I contact my love’s myself. Someone sitting next to me at work explained his beliefs to me , he doesn’t be in a god or heaven and says heaven and god are things use to ease people who are dying and bring peace to those in grief.I got yr name from a group called the door to the spirit world and I was intrigued to find out your views. Thanks David

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