How To Get Rid Of A Psychic Vampire



How To Get Rid Of A Psychic Vampire


How To Get Rid Of A Psychic Vampire

We all have come across people who in one way or another find ways to hold us down and keep us down in life. These people are always there to kick us while were down and push us down while were trying to get up. In modern day lingo these people are called “Haters” but this word falls far short for what they are and why they behave in such a oppressive way. That’s why Psychic Vampire is the true and best defined word for these types of beings.

How Does A Psychic Vampire Operate?

  • A psychic vampire is smart,clever, devious and manipulative. Their operation starts by inserting themselves into a group of friends through one member of the group. Having achieved the first step, they will then set about controlling the individual and/or group for its their needs, bending the group or individual to its will and using them to promote itself as some sort of powerful authority figure or “leader”. “Step  1 – Is called Introduction”
  • Once they have the authority figure or “leader”  they will set about making themselves invaluable to that person and then will defend them and support them in all situations. It will take the individuals problems, fears and insecurities on board and offer advice, help and guidance, which often appears to be good and sensible. But more significantly, it will gradually isolate the individual from the group socially and emotionally by making their “mark” or target dependent on it and it alone. “Step  2 – Is called the Setup”
  • Once they appear to be a positive influence upon the group until and eventually the leader seems to rely on the psychic vampire so much so that he or she cannot make any decisions without consulting them first. At the same time, it will carefully create the impression that it is “powerful” in some way. They do this by saying their special and God sent but will always maintain an aura of mystery about themselves, ideas and opinions, never giving too much away about itself.  In this way, it will gradually and carefully establish itself as an authority within the group taking the knowledge that it gains from the group and using it for its own ends, which are almost always to extend its field of influence and list of contacts that can then be used to increase its influence even further. “Step  3 – Is called the Trust and Crutch”
  • When the Psychic vampire has the trust of everyone and has established itself as an Authority figure, well now playtime is over and this when the pain begins. Here they start tormenting the souls and crushing the spirits, living and entertained by the havoc its exerting on all members of the group. “Step  4 – Is called Havoc and Turmoil”


How To Get Rid Of A Psychic Vampire 1

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How Do I Get Rid Of A Psychic Vampire?

A Psychic vampire needs you believe that it is able of exacting magical or special revenge. Remove or reduce that belief and its “power” (such as it is) will be greatly reduced if not destroyed altogether. If you have little self-confidence in facing a psychic vampire and think you might be especially vulnerable then you can actually help the psychic vampire to influence or control you in some way. This type of thinking can be very dangerous. Belief is the dangerous factor—if you believe that the psychic vampire can manipulate you or hurt you well then they have given away all the power and they need that to exist Just keep firmly in mind that your own thoughts are far more important and strong within you than any thoughts that others place upon you. You must not allow psychic vampires to have any kind of control over you by handing it to them on a silver platter, just refuse to let them in or kick them out. This is something the psychic vampire rarely considers (that you will be able to defend yourself) and so your actions in reversing their influence over you will be even that more strongly and rapidly manifested. If you simply refuse to accept that the vampire can harm you and actually believe this to be true then little or no harm can come to you and the psychic vampire’s efforts will either dissipate into the ether or, having nowhere else to go, will find someone else. I know some of you are saying yes they will leave me alone but what about my friends?

The Law of Numbers

Once you have broken free of their influence and control it is now on you to help release your friends and when you have released at least one, well now you have 2 against one “Psychic Vampire”. The numbers become larger as you help the 2 help the other until the Psychic Vampire is outnumbered and over matched. A psychic vampire experience can actually help bring friends closer together, though you would rather not have this happened.



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