Do you Believe in Spirits?



are spirits real?


Do you Believe in Spirits?





One Experience With Ghost

One of my stories was I was young and sleeping and woke up during the night, for some reason I looked over to the wall and there was something there though it was hard to make out. As my eyes cleared I can make out a outline of a  mans shadow, but this shadow was floating on the wall with the feet in the air and crazy as it sounds you can smell cigarette smoke and a little red light of a cigarette lit. I thought is was sleepy so I went back to sleep, little did i know for a long time i would wake up and yup there he was just hanging out on the wall. for me this was just one experience of the paranormal but when I finally thought about what he wanted, he had lived in my apartment and hid a gun in the house. He was dead and still looking for his gun, talk about a vendetta.

Another Crazy Time With A Suicide Spirit

So as I child I have to go over a distant family members house who I’ve never met. So while over the house as usual I was very bored and starting looking around the rooms and saw a room full of toys. I asked my mother to ask our relative if I could play with  the toys in the room. Our relative agreed and I played with some action figures and the while i was constantly aware of a guy hanging from a fixture in the middle of the room. Now already I guess is was sort of getting used to the whole spirit thing for myself but what made it crazy is that all of a sudden the hanging guy was down in the room playing with a pair on martial arts non chucks. I got scared because he was swinging these things around and I didn’t want to get hit. Now I said nothing about it to my mother or family member, later my mother told me that the room i played was our relatives son who had committed suicide.


Please leave a comment and let me know what was your story.

  1. I have too many stories but one is, one night when my husband was snoring away I look over at him and there’s a man bent over him he looked up at me and said *get him help* so the next morning I made a doctors appointment turns out he has the worse case of sleep apnea. .I described the man to my husband, he said it was his father’s father! I’ve seen spirit since I was 21 ! I’ve also described who watches over him, he said those are his aunt and 2 grandparents.

  2. I was raised in a haunted house. If I write anymore it would turn into a book. ?

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