Change Requires Work


Change Requires Work

Change Work

Change Requires Work, I was told once that I would only change when the pain of staying the same was more than the pain of changing, and my experience shows this to be true. I can say that changing required work but in the end, it was worth it.  Your worth it, so do it and be a better person. I know you can do it because I believe in you.


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  1. My Body was destroyed, literally by saving a 5 year old girl , & totally giving my all, to live after dying 4 times & being in he hospital for 63 days ? Then sent home to die ? I fooled them all, I was with Jesus as an out of body experience I found out later they called it ? He told me it was not my time, he wanted me to go back & do more for others & I would not even know the ones I helped when I did ? I was there before he said & always answered his call, then he sent me back, with me begging to stay with no pain like Uphoria, was this a dream from my brain for 5 days that I cannot account for in the hospital ? I am 61 years old now , I have the most unbelieveable pain in the world, I still ask for more when I see a child get hurt or diagnosed with a disease & end up totaly debiletated for a few days while they get better , but then my pain stays as as always ? I could not save my gran daughter from Leukemia though , that puzzles me ? Now DR.s are asking me to take a highly expensive drug or nothing & I am lost , because death is immenent for me out of shock if I cannot have help from them ? I am at a loss ?

  2. Well not neccesarily, fear can play a factor in that. See at least you know the pain and tourment you feel, now change can mean not always for the best. People rather get comfortable in the pain they are used to then to do the work it takes to face things and still be able to walk away and a stronger person for it.

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