Are Psychics Real?


Are Psychics Real?

real psychics?


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Early Psychic Days

Growing up in a family that wasn’t religious but more spiritual my feelings towards psychics was anger and hate. For me the basis of my feelings at that time, were based solely on movies where a psychic cons a unsuspecting soul and steals all their money. So I grew up not believing in psychics, mediums or anything that had no acceptable explanation. The funny pun here is that I was already gifted with psychic and medium abilities as a child and was seeing and hearing things that couldn’t be explained. ( One of the scariest things I had seen was a lizard like man sitting on my cousins bed during a party but worse is that he was aware that I was there and turned around and looked at me, that face I’ll will never forget). Now my confusion lied in the problem of not understanding what I was experiencing and how other people with the same ability who had more experience were trying to help others.While many of my experience were not comfortable or pleasant there was no one around that would be able to explain these things to me, fear stopped me from seeking help, so I did as every other child has done and just suppressed it. With this suppression, I let our culture and movies to further push down and worse deny what had happened. After years it was like amnesia because I literally didn’t remembered anything but what took its place was a fierce resistance to anything related to a psychic or medium.


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Fast Forward And Psychic Reemergence

Time had passed by and now I’m a husband and a father and things were great both mentally, physically and financially and then my son started to experience the same type of visions and psychic activity of my childhood. When it happened ,being the hardcore skeptic that I tried to explain away everything under the sun to find some kind of possibility other than paranormal. Ultimately this amnesia disappeared and now I was faced the ultimate truth, that was I was always psychic and now so was my son. After a lengthy conversation with my wife I agreed to attend a Psychic Development school in order to help my son and give him support as he grows older and not become the odd man out of society ( Yes the fear of my son in black lipstick and Goth clothes and bolts coming out his lips ear and who knows where, scared me to death). So I went a psychic development school in NYC and besides paying the money who knows what was going to happen.


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Psychic Awakening

From the first day in Psychic development school my life life changed a million degrees. That day I was totally awakened to what for years was repressed. Now for everyone out there I’ll tell you my thought was that somehow I was crazy, really how many other people who see things that aren’t there and hear voices other than their own get thrown right into the loony bin. So here was the jumping off point and I had to make decision and it was simple, either i was crazy or I had a gift. So the litmus test for me was when I started helping people with my gift and from that point is when I understood that my gift was real and helpful. Now my opinion of other psychics and mediums really didn’t change that much still being a healthy skeptic I saw that not many people in the spiritual community were actually gifted. Now this didn’t mean that they didn’t want to help but it showed that there are many levels of good, ok, and out right terrible. For the big decision came when I wanted to share my gift with the world and that was a major risk as my official job is being a stockbroker on Wall Street.  I have to say in wasn’t easy to do and came with lots of ridicule and people having second thoughts about who I was. So once I stepped forward life showed me the right way and as a result T.V. , newspapers, magazines, and Cable Shows wanted to share my life with the world. As for me it was meant to be and I still remain a skeptic and a believer at the same time.

Fake Psychics or Suspected Fake Psychics

Many fake psychics ask for your date of birth or your star sign. This is so that they can check their local newspaper for that days astrology reading, then they just type it up differently and make it sound like their actually picking up information from you. Other psychic online will ask for the country or city you live in and sometimes your age, this is because where you live can say a lot about the kind of life, education and your social status – work class, middle class, upper class etc or Facebook. Fake psychics will make all kinds of promises that they can bring back your lover with spells and candles which, of course, will all add up to extra and expensive charges. They will claim you have a curse on you, your family or friend, this is a definite warning sign that you have found a fake psychic. Once they say you have a curse just like magic for a small or large sum of money they will remove ( How nice of them!). Another major sign is that they ask a lot of questions, people with true abilities don’t you to say a word. Another word of caution is still research the psychics reputation through more than one source as many claim to have  hundreds of glowing reviews and no average or bad reviews that there is a good chance that this psychic is a fake. All psychics have good and bad days and no psychic is 100% accurate, so if the reviews do not reflect that, and the psychics profile is filled with 100% worth of completely glowing reviews, then you will know that this fake psychic has been doctoring his/her reviews. Some psychic sites allow the psychics to use only certain reviews, so psychics can manipulate desperate individuals into giving them 5 stars reviews. Real psychics want to give you answers in order to move forward and not came back 900 hundred times because your so lost. A real and ethical psychic will only ever recommend a reading every 6-12 months. Real psychics also give you both good and bad because in the end that is what life is. A real psychic will give you some personal information about you that is not common knowledge to prove they are truly connected with you.



About the Author: Celebrity Psychic medium Jesse Bravo

Jesse Bravo is the Premier  Celebrity Psychic in NYC who has been featured on MTV, in the New York Times, TRu T.V., Wall Street Journal,  ABC News, VICE Magazine, V Mag, Associated Press, Epoch Times, The Gothamist, Rolling Stones Magazine, Sports Illustrated,and many more media outlets around the world. 

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Are Psychics Real?
Are Psychics Real?
Are psychics real discusses true life experience in the world of psychic mediums all over the world. Also how to spot a real or fake psychic
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